Residential Home Security Systems for Cape Cod

Today more and more families are being protected from house burglaries and fires because they enlist NEMECS to watch over them!

Your family is everything and your property is important too, so who better to trust with your protection than NEMECS of Cape Cod! NEMECS makes it their job to keep you, your family, your pets and your home safe from burglary and fires.

A wide range of residential security services
Our vast range of residential security services are designed to give you peace of mind and assurance. Choose from our selection of home security products and services and know that NEMECS will be watching over you and your home. We have the residential security solution for your home! 

Our comprehensive residential security services include Intrusion Alarm Monitoring, Automatic Fire alarms, Carbon Monoxide Monitoring, Flood and Temperature Sensors, Cellular Backup Monitoring. All of these residential security services are available throughout Cape Cod.

Our Services Include:

Intrustion Alarm Monitoring Service

As a part of the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service, there will be a number of electronic sensor devices located throughout your property in key areas where intruders are likely to be detected. If an intruder is present on your Cape Cod residential property, they will activate the electronic sensor, which will then alert our Monitoring Center. Our Monitoring Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week by experienced, qualified security personnel. 

Once our Monitoring Center is notified, our security personnel will:

  • telephone the residential premises to obtain, if possible, information to determine the nature of the emergency;

  • telephone you or another person(s) you elect we contact in the event of an emergency to notify you/them of the situation;

  • send a security officer to your home to investigate; or notify police, ambulance or the fire brigade who will attend the residential property.

Benefits of the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service
Our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service may just result in a burglar being caught in the act by the relevant authorities, which could result in:

  •  your home and property being saved;

  •  your pets being saved; or

  •  your family avoiding injury.

Automatic Fire Alarms

Homeowners across Cape Cod lose a staggering millions of dollars each year to fire. The fortunate ones are being protected thanks to the fire alarm systems of NEMECS!

Looking for the very best fire protection solution for your home? It's called a residential automatic fire alarm system, and if you are in Cape Cod, it could save your property - even the lives of your family!

NEMECS is the residential automatic fire alarm specialist of choice in Cape Cod. After all those years in the business of residential fire alarm services, NEMECS can give you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. It's all thanks to its residential automatic fire alarm system.

How the Residential Automatic Fire Alarm System Works
An experienced fire alarm specialist will install a number of automatic fire alarm sensors throughout key areas of your home. In the event of even the slightest smoke, your automatic fire alarm will detect this and our Security Monitoring Center will be notified of this. A very loud evacuation siren will sound, that will wake even the deepest sleepers. Your family will be notified of the danger immediately and will have time to exit to safety. At the same time our monitoring specialists will notify the fire department of the emergency. 

Benefits of the Fire Alarm System
The NEMECS Residential Automatic Fire Alarm System has the potential to save property and lives, thanks to its early warning system. If you are at home sleeping in the middle of the night, or working at your office while your children are home alone, if a fire breaks out, you can be assured that our Security Monitoring Center will act immediately to protect your family and your property.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon Monoxide is the is one of the top accidental killers in the United States. The great news is that NEMECS is keeping more and more people safe from it!

If you have home furnaces in your home that use fuels such as propane or kerosene, gasoline, oil or natural gas, those portions of the unused fuel can create the deadly carbon monoxide gas, which can kill. You cannot detect it by smell and it is colorless, so vigilance is your best protection.

What better way to protect your family than by enlisting NEMECS's Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service! NEMECS has been in the carbon monoxide monitoring business since 1990 and is dedicated to the safety of your family. We have the solution to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and that solution is the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service.

How the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service Works
Our specialist team will install a number of electronic sensors in your home which will detect harmful carbon monoxide in the air in an instant. These devices will be monitored 24 hours a day whether your system is armed or not, this will provide you and your family a worry free night. Once high levels of carbon monoxide are detected, our Monitoring Center will notify you immediately. Our team will also dispatch the appropriate emergency authorities.

The Benefits of the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service
By enlisting our Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service, you may save the lives of yourself, your family and pets. With carbon monoxide killing too many people each year, now is the time to take action to protect your family.

Flood and Temperature Sensors

Protect your home from extreme temperatures and flood - avoid property damage with NEMECS!

Extreme cold or hot weather can result in property damage. Pipes can freeze up, wine cellars can get too hot and flooding can occur. The really great news is that something can be done, and here at NEMECS, we have the solution to protect your home! 

Arrange for the installation of flood and temperature sensors and effectively avoid residential property damage! If you live in the Cape Cod area, allow NEMECS to take care of your home security. We can install your flood and temperature sensors and provide monitoring as well.

How Flood and Temperature Sensors Work
Flood and temperature sensors are stored in places likely to be affected by flood or temperature changes. Once water reaches an undesirable level or the temperature rises or drops, the sensor will send a signal to the Security Monitoring Center, which is staffed by a team of experienced security personnel, who will contact either yourself or an authorized party, and take action to prevent damage being caused to your Cape Cod home. 

Benefits of Flood and Temperature Sensors
By installing flood and temperature sensors, you minimize the risk of residential property damage caused by rising waters or temperature changes. 

Cellular Backup Monitoring

Stay safe and obtain help in any disaster, regardless of whether your phone line is working or not! Itâs all thanks to the Cellular Backup Monitoring Service from NEMECS! 

Outside help is always required in the event of a disaster such as a house fire or burglary, and most people call for it via a telephone line. With an innovative solution from NEMECS, people can stay safe and obtain outside help even if their phone line isn't working or is faulty. The solution is Cellular Backup Monitoring. NEMECS in Cape Cod was one first by a year of companies installing Digital GSM cellular backup, so who better to trust? While all other companies are still installing analog systems that will be phased out, so install the very best in Digital cellular backup today and choose NEMECS. 

How Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring works
Unlike traditional security alarms that work with a telephone line, Digital cellular backup monitoring allows direct communication between your property and our Security Monitoring Center via the security system itself. No telephone line is required at all. This is the ideal solution if you do not have a reliable telephone line or if you only use a cell phone and do not use a land line telephone at home. Digital Cellular backup monitoring also gives Cape Cod families the peace of mind that they can communicate with our Security Monitoring Center, even in the event of a burglary where the phone lines are cut. 

The Benefits of Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring
Our Digital Cellular Backup Monitoring Service gives you and your family total security without the need for a phone line. The Digital cellular backup monitoring service will give you the peace of mind that your family and property can stay safe in the event of disaster if the phone lines have been cut or go down. Such situations where Digital cellular backup monitoring could help include:

  • if you or your family are trapped at home as the result of a burglary, and the phone lines have been cut;

  • if a break in occurs and your phone lines are down; and

  • if your phone lines are cut or go down before your security system can alert our Security Monitoring Center.

Digital Cellular backup monitoring means help can get through even if your phone lines are down or cut.


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