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It's a hard fact: many businesses across Cape Cod fall victim to burglaries, employee theft and environmental damage each day. The great news is that by working with our team, businesses minimize such risks!

NEMECS is the specialist in commercial security systems, and if your business is located in the Cape Cod area, we have a commercial security solution for you. We've been leaders in business security since 1990, and with over 20,000 system installs, who better to trust your protection to?

Commercial security solutions for Cape Cod businesses
The commercial security solutions available to businesses include Intrusion Alarm Monitoring, Automatic Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Monitoring, CCTV Cameras/Video Surveillance, Critical Equipment Monitoring, Access Control and ULC Fire/Burglary Certification.

Take control of your commercial security needs and explore the security solutions available to Cape Cod businesses here at NEMECS - where the safety and security of your business is our priority.

We Offer:

Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

More and more businesses are minimizing the incidences of employee theft and shoplifting by enlisting the protective expertise of NEMECS! 

Thanks to NEMECS - commercial security system specialists - you can start protecting your business thanks to our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service.

How the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service works
This service operates quite easily. When you enlist the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service for your Cape Cod business, our qualified technicians will install the latest, state-of-the-art electronic sensor devices at your place of business. Choose from wireless or installed wired devices to best suit your needs. 

This security system is customized to your business, to minimize the occurrence of theft and burglary. The security system will see what you and your staff may not, 24/7 and will work with our Security Monitoring Center to alert you to any possible threats, so you can minimize risk. After hours when nobody is at your business premises, if the electronic sensors detect a disturbance, the Security Monitoring Center will:

  • telephone the business premises to obtain, if possible, information to determine the nature of the emergency;

  • telephone you or another person(s) you elect we contact in the event of an emergency to notify you/them of the situation;

  • send a security officer to your business to investigate; or

  • notify police, ambulance or the fire brigade who will attend your commercial premises.

Benefits of the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service
By enlisting the Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service for your commercial premises, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • you will minimize the risk of employee theft before and after hours;

  •  you will minimize the risk of theft due to shoplifting; and

  •  you will minimize the risk of burglary after hours.

Take action now to protect your Cape Cod business by enlisting our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Service! 
Talk to our friendly commercial security solutions experts and do what you need to do to protect your business today!

Automatic Fire Alarms

More and more Cape Cod businesses are being protected from fire, and it's all because of NEMECS!

It takes a great deal of time and hard work to establish and build a business, and that's why an increasing number of businesses are enlisting our fire protection expertise to keep them safe. You too can benefit from the protection we offer through our state-of-the-art fire protection solutions for business.

How Automatic Fire Alarms work
A trained NEMECS technician will install an automatic fire alarm system at your place of business, positioning a number of the latest, technologically-advanced sensors that will pick up even the slightest sign of smoke. Once the sensor is alerted to smoke, our 24/7 Security Monitoring Center will:

  • telephone the Cape Cod premises to obtain, if possible, information to determine the nature of the emergency;

  • telephone you or another person(s) you elect we contact in the event of an emergency to notify you/them of the situation;

  • send a security officer to your business to investigate; or

  • notify police, ambulance or the fire brigade who will attend the business.

The Benefits of Automatic Fire Alarms
By installing automatic fire alarms at your business, you:

  • can be assured that the electronic sensors at your business will immediately alert our Security Monitoring Center;

  • can be assured our Security Monitoring Center personnel will respond immediately to any fire alerts at your business;

  • can be assured emergency personnel will be dispatched to minimize any fire damage at your business;

Business in Cape Cod? Dramatically minimize fire risks today by installing Automatic Fire Alarms!
You know your business deserves the very best fire protection, and that's why you need automatic fire alarms from NEMECS. Call our team of commercial security specialists today and protect your business from fire!

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Although Carbon Monoxide is one of the United States's top causes of accidental death, it's not even affecting the businesses being protected by NEMECS!

It's true that furnaces fueled by propane or kerosene, gasoline, oil or natural gas can create the deadly carbon monoxide gas which cannot be detected by smell. The great news is that vigilance is the best protection for your staff and yourself.

What better way to protect your staff and yourself than by enlisting NEMECS's Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service. Here at NEMECS, we have been keeping people safe from carbon monoxide for over 16 years and we are dedicated to the safety of businesses all over Cape Cod. We have the solution to keep your team safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and that solution is the Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service.

How the Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service Works
Our specialist team will install a number of electronic sensors at your place of business which will detect harmful carbon monoxide in the air in an instant. Once high levels of carbon monoxide are detected, our Security Monitoring Center will be notified and you will be contacted. Our team will also dispatch emergency authorities to your business premises in the Cape Cod region.

The Benefits of the Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service
By enlisting our Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Service, you may save the lives of your team - even yourself. With carbon monoxide killing too many people each year, now is the time to take action to protect your staff.

Critical Equipment Monitoring

Imagine having the total peace of mind that comes just by knowing that the equipment your business relies upon is being carefully monitored 24/7!

You don't need to imagine anymore thanks to NEMECS - the commercial security specialist in Cape Cod and over 20,000 successful systems installations and thousands of happy business customers, who better to trust with your security requirements? At NEMECS, we provide businesses with a Critical Equipment Monitoring Service that allows you to keep on keeping on!

How Critical Equipment Monitoring works
When you enlist the Critical Equipment Monitoring Service from NEMECS, one of our specialist technicians will install a number of high-tech sensor devices that will detect any temperature changes and changes/abnormalities in your normal critical processes which may be indicative of a problem. The device will then alert our Security Monitoring Center which will then notify you and assess the situation. The appropriate action will then be taken to minimize the risk and stop this problem becoming a bigger one which could hurt your business. 

The Benefits of Critical Equipment Monitoring
Once you install and activate critical equipment monitoring at your business, you will benefit by having:

  • the assurance that your critical equipment is being monitored for any irregularities that may be indicative of a problem, i.e. failure of the equipment; and

  • the assurance that if the slightest problem is detected, immediate action will be taken to stop the problem from escalating into one that could disrupt business operations.

Have a business in Cape Cod? Act now to prevent equipment failure and enlist our Critical Equipment Monitoring Service! Minimize your equipment risks today! Call our commercial security specialists now and arrange for our specialists to visit your site for a detailed analysis and quote.

Access Control

Too many Cape Cod businesses have fallen victim to unauthorized entrants. The great news is that more and more of them are being protected from theft, robbery and assault thanks to NEMECS!

NEMECS - the commercial security solutions specialists in Cape Cod - have been protecting businesses since 1990 and they can protect you from unauthorized access. The commercial security solution is Access Control and it could save you a fortune - maybe even a life!

How Access Control works
You've seen security cards that people wear on their person and scan to gain entry into a building? Access Control uses this electronic card technology, and when you enlist this service to protect your Cape Cod business from unauthorized access, you will give each of your staff and other select people the authorization to be in your building. The cards work with a comprehensive, yet easy to use Access Control System, which will allow you to view a site map of your premises - in real time - and spot the authorized personnel. The convenience of the Access Control System allows you to grant or delete access authorization any time you wish.

The Benefits of Access Control
As you can guess, unauthorized access can result in damage, theft, assault or worse. By enlisting the Access Control Service as a security solution for your business, you:

  • will be assured that only authorized personnel will be able to access your business premises;

  • will be assured that by implementing such a security system you can track suspicious activity, e.g. an employee entering the premises at an odd hour; and

  • will be assured that by implementing an access control system you are dramatically minimizing the risk associated with unauthorized access. Put simply you are protecting your staff, your property, your confidential commercial files and yourself.

Doing business in Cape Cod? Protect your property and your staff by enlisting the Access Control Service for your business!
The lives of your team, your equipment and your confidential files are what keep your business going every day. Our business clients understand this, and that's why theyâre enlisting our protective expertise! Call NEMECS and talk to our commercial security specialists today about how you can protect your business from unauthorized access thanks to the Access Control Service!



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